CNN on Dems Folding on Shutdown: ‘A Huge, Colossal Mistake by the Democrats’

‘They tried to blame the Republicans; couldn’t do it; it backfired on them’


BOLDUAN: "But the government shut down."
BALLABON: “The government shut down briefly. A huge, colossal mistake by the Democrats. They tried all weekend to blame the Republicans. They couldn’t do it. It ended up backfiring on them. The last segment we're talking about what a political victory it was for Donald Trump. It seems to me he’s playing this exactly correctly and driving towards the right result, most importantly, for the American people. He made commitments. I wasn’t saying before that being an immigration hawk is negative. I'm saying it’s too simplistic to paint it as this notion that he wants to build a wall and keep everybody out and that's all there is to it."

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