Hannity to Mueller and His ‘Corrupt’ Team of Witch Hunters: ‘This Witch Hunt Needs To Be Shut Down’

‘This is one of the biggest scandals of American history’

HANNITY: "Clinton fixed the primary against Bernie. Struck Comey. Apparently Loretta linn skp-fp exonerated Hillary without interviewing her or the key people in the e-mail server scanned afplt the fix was in. It was rigged. They influenced the general. Bought and paid for Russian lies before the election. The fix was in there. The Obama Administration weaponnized to target the trump campaign. Strzok and his mistress talking about a key insurance policy and key text messages are in. The fix is. In worst than watergate. An abuse of power. This is one of the biggest scandals of American history. These people need to be fired and investigated. More investigated. Not talking rank and file members in the FBI that do great work. I’m talking about abuses committed by the top officials in the deep state of the FBI and department of justice. If Robert Mueller if you’re watching, I’m sure you are. I’m sure your corrupt team of Obama, Hillary Clinton deep state witch hunters are watching. This witch hunt needs to be shut down. You clearly have stacked the deck against and started with a bias investigation against President Trump. Finally to the the government shut down is over. President just signed a temporary bill. It’s no big deal. The panic of the media was a waste of your time. We have a lot to get to tonight."

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