Hannity to Mueller: ‘Your Witch-Hunt Is Now Over; Time To Close the Doors’

‘Classified DOJ documents that members of Congress are now reviewing, it shows widespread and extensive FISA abuses against the Trump campaign’

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HANNITY: "But, first, based on today’s events, I have a message tonight for the special counsel Robert Mueller. Your witch-hunt is now over. Time to close the doors. That is the focus of a very important news breaking opening monologue. All right, huge breaking news tonight. Now, we have been telling you it’s coming. It is now here. Stunning reporting tonight from Sara Carter that we are confirming with our sources. Classified DOJ documents that members of Congress are now reviewing it shows widespread and extensive FISA abuses against the Trump campaign. And we have names. Now, here is how it all went down. At the last minute the house, they finally got literally within an hour, their subpoena requests approved by the doj. Members of Congress were able to get their hands on all these classified documents. Now, at the last minute, rod Rosenstein tried to stop it by going into Paul Ryan’s office. Paul Ryan would have none of it. Now, it is more disturbing than we ever thought. And at this hour our sources are telling us that the abusive power is far bigger than watergate. Remember, watergate was a third rate break. In we’re talking about tonight is the systematic abuse of power, the weaponizing of those powerful tools of intelligence, and the shredding of our fourth amendment constitutional rights that protect August all ofus against unlawful search and seizure." 

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