Fox News: Trump Admin. Shuts Down Temporary Worker Visas from Haiti, Samoa, and Belize

‘40% of Haitians on these visas overstayed their welcome back in 2016’

VITTERT: "According to the new government guidelines leaving Haiti off the list. Haitian nationals applying for H 2 a and H 2 B vice is as present extremely high rates of refusal and those issued H 2 a or H 2 B Visas have shiskly common traitside high levels of fraud and abuse overstaying. Haiti has shown no improvement in these areas. Haiti’s inclusion on the 2018 h-2 a and h-2 B lists is no longer in the U.S. From the. Reuters cite the dhs report that 40% of Haitians on these Visas overstayed their welcome back in 2016. To be clear, it’s not that many people to begin with. In the past two years, under 100 from Haiti were granted status here in the united States to work. Belize and Samoa were taken off the list as well. And dhs issued this statement this afternoon for context. The decision to remove Haiti, belease and Samoa from the list was made as a result of inner agency coordination between dhs and the department of state. It, of course, would be hard Forrest administration to have picked a worst time to announce this as they are fighting Democrats, Martha to do everything possible to paint Republicans and specifically the president as both racist and anti-immigrant to gain the political leverage as the government shut down fight continues, quite literally as we speak, Martha."

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