Crowley: I Don’t Support the Short Term Spending Bill; Not Reflective of Dem Values

‘It’s not reflective of the needs of the American people’

FAULKNER: "Absolutely. Now the democratic response to all of this. New York congressman Joe Crowley chairs the house democratic caucus. Thank you for joining us, sir. We appreciate your time I we have run a few sound bites of you during our coverage here and you have been talking about what it will keep the government open. Continuing resolution on the table. It gives you six more years of chip, healthcare for children. Where are you now?"
CROWLEY: "I think that’s very admiral. We support chip. We support long-term funding for the chip bill. But there are more things that Democrats are interested in. We certainly are concerned about the dreamers and DACA. We’re concerned about the assistance to Puerto Rico and to the Virgin Islands American citizens suffering right now. Well over 100 days past the songs and 40% of the island is still without power. Unacceptable in the mainland seems to be acceptable to the American government as it pertains to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We have an opioid crisis in this country that needs to be addressed. We have pension protection that needs to be addressed as well there are a myriad of issues that Democrats are concerned about. Republicans have been able to demonstrate they can pass short-term spending bills. We know that."
FAULKNER: "Are you saying you wouldn’t support it?
CROWLEY: "I don’t support this bill. It’s not reflective of the needs of the American people. It’s not reflective of the democratic office."

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