Ingraham Savages Matthew Dowd for Arguing Ed Meese Worse A.G. than Holder

‘The idea that Eric Holder is the worst attorney general when we’ve had Edwin Meese’s, the John Mitchell’s, even RFK’

Laura Ingraham Schools Matthew Dowd For Saying Edwin Meese Was Worse Than Eric Holder (NewsBusters)

Attorney General Eric Holder resigned this week after six years working for the Obama Administration and on Sunday morning's This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos ABC’s Matthew Dowd scolded Republicans for being “way too vociferous" in their criticsm of him. 

The so-called Republican dismissed the notion that Holder was “the worst attorney general we’ve ever had” and proceeded to drag Edwin Meese, Attorney General for President Reagan, through the mud by insisting he was much worse than the scandal plagued Obama official.

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