Chris Coons on Immigration: We Face a Moment Where the President Is Sort of Jerking the Wheel of the Bus of Our Nation

‘He and his party control the Congress’


COONS: “Once again, we face a moment where the President is sort of jerking the wheel of the bus of our nation left and right, left and right. He could say, 'I’ve thought about it, I’ve looked at it and frankly this deal with one little tweak is something I can sign off on and we need to keep the government open.' It’s his job. He is the president of the United States. He and his party control the Congress. If this government shuts down because the Republican majority in the House can’t get enough votes to pass their proposal or because the President can’t accept the very deal he asked for and was brought back to him having met the four criteria he laid out, then it’s clearly the President’s responsibility that he couldn’t hear, yes, when a strong bipartisan group of senators made tough compromises and delivered the deal that he was looking for.”

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