Thom Tillis: ‘There’s Too Much’ on Trump’s Comment and Not Enough on Solving the Problem

‘We should be having the discussion, not the grandstanding I saw in the Judiciary Committee today’


FAULKNER: "Let’s bring in a lawmaker from today’s hearing. Senator Thom Tillis sits on the Judiciary Committee and took part in last week’s televised immigration meeting. Thank you for joining us today. I know that there were questions that you wanted answered today. First of all, tell me what happened in the hearing today that you think the American people immediately need to know about."
TILLIS: "There is too much focus on a comment that may or may not have been made in the Thursday meeting and not enough focus on solving the problem. Look, if -- if we go back to the Tuesday meeting that I participated in and we agree to the four pillars and recognize that we are going to have to compromise and accept something short of what I want, that’s where we should be having the discussion, not some of the grandstanding that I saw in the Judiciary Committee today."

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