Huckabee Sanders: ‘Democrats Don’t Want to See This President Be Successful’

‘You have win after win with this president. I don’t think they want to hand him another one’


HUCKABEE SANDERS: "Sadly I think it is really simple. I think Democrats don’t want to see this president be successful. I think that he has had a huge year in 2017, one of the best first years of any president that we’ve seen. Certainly with massive legislation passed, with the tax cuts, the economy is booming, ISIS in retreat, you have win after win with this president. And I don’t think they want to hand him another one. The problem is, what they're doing is they’re penalizing the country. That is a really, really sad thing and hopefully Democrats will stop doing that, and they will start putting their country before their party and really focus on things they were elected to come here to do, and that is work with Republicans to get good legislation passed and our budget, and funding our military is first and foremost, has to be done. Even a lot of Democrats over the weekend, the attorney general of California, multiple other members, Senator Whitehouse, have said this needs to be a clean deal, it shouldn’t be tied to DACA. We hope Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will join with some of their Democratic colleagues this week and make that happen."

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