Sheila Jackson Lee on SOTU: I Will Be There ‘to Remind the President of His Bad Behavior’

‘I will be there to confront the president’


JACKSON LEE: "So, I will be there to confront the President in a manner that I, too, am American. And I demand of him in the short time that he will have served that he serve all of America. Not 30 percent, but all of America. And I believe that Dr. King, if he was here, if the question asked of him about the reckless abandonment that the President has utilized in representing America, I frankly believe that Dr. King would point to Americans, he'd point to those who worked so hard to help those who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the other hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and Florida and Louisiana, and the fires and first responders, all over, the fires, and those who are right now digging out and looking for those who may have been killed by the mudslides, that is the greatness of America. So, I’m there to remind the President of his bad behavior.”

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