CNN’s John Berman on ‘Sh*thouse’ Excuse: ‘Are You F-ing Kidding Me?’

‘One might reasonably ask are you f-ing kidding me?’


DAWSEY: "People said to me over the weekend there is a semantic difference. Some people in the meeting heard the phrase shit-house instead of shit-hole and are using that to kind of disparage or -- or to knock back some of the reporting. Apparently the senators heard that. The White House officials that I have spoken to and they’re using that discrepancy to say the president did not make those comments. To be clear, I’ve called my sources repeatedly over the weekend. I know colleagues, other outlets have too and no one in the White House is denying it other than the president that he made a similar remark to what we reported. There was just a difference in hearing on -- on how he ended that phrase."
BERMAN: "So, Josh, I’m tempted to say that Republican Senators Perdue and Cotton are going on TV denying the comments were said, and they’re hanging it on the difference between a blank hole and a blank house. One might reasonably ask are you F-ing kidding me?"
DAWSEY: "Well, I’m not going to get into that. All I’m saying is there is no denial from people that I speak to in the White House, and from others in the meeting that he made a comment that way."

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