Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Donald Trump Stands Against Everything that Dr. King Stood For’

‘I have to tell you that my heart aches for the U.S., the country that I call home, and also for Haiti’


JEAN-PIERRE: "Yes. Well, Jake, I have to tell you that my heart aches for the U.S., the country that I call home, and also for Haiti, the land of my ancestors. Because you have a president who doesn’t — who believes that if you’re not white then you’re not welcomed here. He believes that he wants to build a wall. He believes that he wants to ban Muslims. He thinks that Mexicans are rapists. We heard how he feels about where black people come from, in particular, Haiti, and African nations. And it just — it just pains me. I heard from a lot of family and friends who are Haitian American this week and who are crying, because they couldn’t believe that the president of the United States were using this word. And just before you showed that clip of the reverend, you know, we are on the eve of Martin Luther King day. And 24 hours after he made those comments, he, you know, signed the proclamation declaring Dr. King day. But the thing that Donald Trump doesn’t understand and many others don’t understand is that Dr. King believed in welcoming strangers, in protecting the poor. In treating people with dignity, human beings with dignity, and, you know, Donald Trump stands against everything that Dr. King stood for. And it’s an embarrassment."

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