Maria Hinojosa: ICE Agents Are the ‘Gestapo’ for Us

‘ Agents are getting on trains and going through the train and spotting people and saying what your citizenship?’


HINOJOSA: "Exactly. You know, Ali what that means, is to the I.C.E. Agents on the ground, who walk around, as you know, with huge lettering that says, police. They are not police. They’re immigration agents. They are misidentifying themselves. When the president says this, basically take them out, that is what the community then is saying. This is fearful for us. This is the gestapo on us. So the fact we’re all talking about this, these particular words, instead of saying, what are the consequences of right now what’s happening? When he says that, the troops on the ground of I.C.E., they’re ready to swing into action."
VELSHI: "And I understand the fears of people, what they feel. I separate the idea I.C.E. Agents are like gestapo, but —"
HINOJOSA: "Ali — Ali, it is very painful to have to say these things, but the things that are happening, people are being asked for their citizenship when they’re getting on buses in upstate New York. Agents are getting on trains and going through the train and spotting people and saying what your citizenship? So it is very — it’s a horrible thing to say. But, you know, horrible things being said right now is part of the United States 2018 post-trump, and United States 2018, we’ve seen a great deal of immigration action, just this week. We’ve seen arrests. We’ve seen the people going to 7-elevens, finding people undocumented, rounding them up. We’re in that place. So when the president says things like, “Take them out” or the words he says, that’s very, very real. Not just to the d.r.e.a.m.ers, it’s much broader than that."

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