CNN’s Smerconish Asks Cartoonist if Trump is Trying to ‘Hypnotize’ Americans

‘Well, repetition is always good persuasion’

ADAMS: "And I think he kind of meant it. It looked serious to me. So there’s an interesting thing happening with Oprah that might help him somewhat accidentally."
SMERCONISH: "In your book you speak of hypnotism and what can be learned from it. Quick final subject. I want to show a montage and tell me if you think this was with hypnotism in mind. Roll that sound bite."
[clip starts]
TRUMP: "There has been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians or trump and Russians. No collusion. Bottom line, they all say there’s no collusion, and there is no collusion. I can only say this, there was absolutely no collusion, but there has been no collusion. When they have no collusion and nobody’s found any collusion at any level."
[clip ends]
SMERCONISH: "That was eight times in what was in truth a minute, 35. What’s going on there?"
ADAMS: "Well, repetition is always good persuasion, and if you repeat to the point where people are calling it out, then you’ve also done something that’s a little bit wrong, which is also good persuasion. The reason we’re talking about it is because he did it the way he did it, so you’re repeating his message."

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