Schweizer: Glenn Simpson’s Job Was to Try to Wreak Havoc on the Trump Campaign and Help Hillary

‘That dossier was not opposition research’


SCHWEIZER: “That dossier was not opposition research. Opposition research is only useful if you can gather information and then give it to the media and the media can replicate it. The trump dossier was all anonymous sources. You know, beard on two to three iterations. It was shared with newspaper reporters but more specifically was shared with the FBI and the whole process shows how terrible the sausage making was in this case. I mean, fusion gps is trying to intervene in a possible Clinton Foundation investigation, sorry, Clinton email investigation pushing this product that, you know, Simpson admits in his testimony. He never verified. He never attempted to verify. It just really shows that what his job was was to try to wreak havoc on the trump campaign and help Hillary Clinton.”

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