Tucker Battles Jason Nichols: Harvard Doesn’t Take the First 7,000 Salvadorans that Apply

‘Why don’t we do that?’


CARLSON: “If you were really interested in helping America, you would want the most impressive people you could find, some would be from Nigeria, some would be from Norway. Some would be have from Japan to move here. You would rate them on the basis of how impressive they were. You would not say the first people to get here have relatives here. You don’t run your college that wait a minute Harvard doesn’t let the first 7,000 Salvadorians that apply. No, no, we are taking the best only. Why don’t we do that?”

NICHOLS: “We do that. One of the things you said about Nigeria, the last time we were here they have a higher median income and more educated than native born Americans when they get here Nigerian immigrants. They are not going back to their huts as the president said. They are people who come here and work really hard and do really well.”

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