State Dept. Dodges on Whether There Are ‘Credible Threats’ to the U.S. from Khorasan

‘We are watching that group. We know they have the intention to strike at the United States’

HARF: "We’ve certainly been watching this group for some time and the members of it who have very close ties to al Qaeda. They have grown in strength, given the security situation that president Assad has created in Syria. So we really been watching them for a long time. Obviously, it’s been a little bit more in the public forefront recently because we made the decision to take air strikes against them, but the president said if we know of threats to the United States, if we know of groups that are reconstituted parts of al Qaeda that are threatening the U.S., we’ll take action against them. And I think you'll see some more of that."
WELKER: "And just to be clear, are there any credible threats that you know of right now coming from that group that Americans need to know about?"
HARF: "Well, as many of us have said, we are watching that group. We know they have the intention to strike at the United States. That’s something that’s ongoing right now -- that process of looking at what the actual threat is. But what I will say is the action we’ve taken against them already has had an impact. It has helped degrade their capabilities, but this will be a long fight as we've all said."

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