CBC Chair: I Get Stopped All the Time by African-Americans Who Are Terrified of the Actions of this President

‘And many of them feel that a make America great again is really a code or dog whistle for make America white again’


RICHMOND: "Well, if you look at this statement. I will tell you, Wolf, as I walked through the airport, as I go about my daily routine, I get stopped all the time from African-Americans who are terrified of the actions of this president, the stability of this president, and his ability to talk in code. And many of them feel that a make America great again is really a code or dog whistle for make America white again. And if you look at the department of education, whether they are challenging affirmative action, admissions policies at colleges and universities, whether you look at Jeff Sessions and his rollback of smart crime, if you look at the policies on Jeff Sessions particularly, but if you look at their response to crack cocaine, drugs in the inner city, they are rolling back on crimes. They are going to incarcerate as many people as they can, but then when it comes to the opioid crisis, they declared a public health epidemic. And they want to treat it with compassion, they want to treat it with — and it’s the right way. It’s the absolute right way to treat the opioid epidemic, but it was also the right thing to do for crack cocaine epidemic. And because of who the users primarily are, we have a different result. So I think it’s well-founded for people to have that fear that this president has a specific agenda, and that agenda includes policies that harm African-Americans and all minorities."

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