Ben Shapiro: If Trump Could Just Stay Off Twitter and Watch His Mouth He Would Rise Five Points

‘He would rise five points in the approval ratings almost immediately’


SHAPIRO: "No question. If you’re going to say stuff like this, it is not particularly smart to say it in front of people who are not your political allies. You shouldn’t say stuff like this to begin with, as you mentioned. And you’re exactly right. One of the arguments in favor of bringing people from bad countries is that they know what they’re leaving. Immigrants are coming from places that are quite terrible, including my grand great parents when they came over. I think pretty much everybody in the country’s great grandparents came over somewhere they considered bad, including the pilgrims. So the idea that that line works — you're right, the President, I swear, if the man could just stay off Twitter and watch his mouth, he would rise five points in the approval ratings almost immediately. And the proof of this is that every time he goes out of the country and he doesn’t have access to Twitter, and he doesn’t actually speak to the press, he's not talking to Democrats, his approval ratings rise 5, 10 points."

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