John Heilemann: Republicans ‘Morally Bankrupt and Politically Myopic’

‘They continue to think Trump is a vehicle for advancing their policy agenda’


HEILEMANN: “Just to be clear, I wasn’t saying that they are silent on policy. They obviously think that having a Republican president is in their ideological best interest in the long run. They continue to think Trump is a vehicle for advancing their policy agenda, even as he says these horrible things. I obviously agree with you. The only answer to the question at this point, it seems to me, is they are morally bankrupt and politically myopic. Morally bankrupt in the sense that you shouldn't be tolerating this under any circumstances, and politically myopic to your point that Trump is doing extraordinary long-term damage to the brand of the Republican Party, to the image of the Republican Party, with all right-minded tolerant people, certainly millennials, who look at the Republican Party and say, 'Boy, these guys are willing to tolerate a racist who says racist things on a regular basis from the Oval Office. I think maybe the Republican Party is not for me anymore.' I guess Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell don’t see that.”

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