Napolitano on Holder: ‘The Least Faithful to the Constitution ... in Modern Times’

‘Eric Holder has been behind all of it’

Napolitano Excoriates Holder: The Least Faithful To The Constitution Of Any AG, And Doesn't Regret It (TruthRevolt)

On Fox News' Special Report on Thursday, contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano ripped Eric Holder's tenure as Attorney General to shreds, blasting him on every possible facet of his responsibilities in the joband his faithfulness to the constitution and to the American people.

"Every time that Barack Obama has bent, broken, avoided or evaded the constitution or federal law, Eric Holder has been at his side, cheering him on, providing intellectual cover, and purporting to give the president legal advice authorizing what the President wanted to do. From allowing the President to kill Americans, from allowing the President to spy on Americans, from personally authorizing the invasion of privacy of our colleague James Rosen, from seizing property from people who weren't even charged with crimes .. Eric Holder has been behind all of it."

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