MSNBC’s Chris Jansing: Eric Holder Has Always Been a ‘Target’

‘Eric Holder ... would like to think he has a legacy of fighting for civil rights’

"He [Eric Holder] is somebody who has been a target. And I think to say fairly, not always just outside the administration with Republicans, but in some cases inside the administration. He was one of the few people with the noticeably famously reserved president who had a very personal relationship with. His wife [and] Michelle Obama -- very close. They spend time together a lot socializing. And so there are always within every administration when someone is very close to a president, there is some push and pull. But I think Eric Holder has also -- would like to think he has a legacy of fighting for civil rights; somebody who has pushed the president to do some things on racial justice. So history will tell, but without a doubt, it is been a mixed legacy in terms of the things that he has done."

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