Fox News Montage: Then Candidate Trump Slammed Jeb for Saying Illegal Immigration Is an ‘Act of Love’

‘President Trump calling for a ‘Bill of Love’

PAYNE: "President Trump calling for a 'Bill of Love,' for DREAMers during yesterday's bipartisan meeting."
TRUMP [clip]: "This should be a bipartisan bill. It should be a bill of love, truly, a bill of love. We can do this."
PAYNE: "Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tweeting, he’s encouraged by all of the efforts. But does anyone remember when the president said during the 2016 campaign, after Bush called illegal immigration an act of love?"
TRUMP [clip]: "The weakest person on this stage by far, on illegal immigration, is Jeb Bush... They come out of an act of love... He is so weak on illegal immigration whether you like it or not... I’m on the right side of this... They come to our country as an act of love? With all of the problems that we have in so many instances, we have wonderful people coming in. But with all of the problems, this is not an act of love."

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