Scarborough: Obama Wasn’t Ready To Be President; He Was a ‘Glorified State Senator’

‘If Barack Obama stayed in Senate ... he would have been a much better there in my opinion’


TRUMP: "There are so many great things personally about Barack Obama, even though so many of his policies drive me crazy. But Barack Obama wasn’t ready in my opinion to be president. He was, as I said, a glorified state senator. If Barack Obama stayed in Senate for a term and actually learned the frustrations of Washington, he would have been a much better president in my opinion. I was too harsh on Marco Rubio, but it was the same thing with Marco Rubio. If Marco Rubio, and I know a lot of Rubio people hate me because I was so hard on Marco Rubio, if Marco Rubio runs in 2020, guess what, Marco has been in Washington. Marco understands the frustrations of Washington. And Marco is not doing what Barack Obama did and so many other people are doing, 'I’m getting elected to the Senate and now I’m going to run for president of the United States.' It’s hard. As George Bush said in the debate where he couldn’t complete a sentence, it’s hard."

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