Jack Keane: N. Korea Is Feeling Maximum Pressure from Trump’s Policies and the Sanctions Are Taking Hold

‘North Korea is feeling maximum pressure which is the policy defined by the administration’


KEANE: "They haven’t talked in two years, but we have actually talked to the North Koreans a number of times, not during this administration, but the reality is the North Koreans have always used negotiations to advance their technology program. It was during negotiations back in 2005, the so-called six power talks, that they actually acquired nuclear weapons. So this administration is very clear-eyed about what’s happening here, that North Korea is feeling maximum pressure which is the policy defined by the administration, the economic sanctions are finally starting to take hold, gas stations are indeed closing, others have long lines, there's evidence of serious malnutrition and economic starvation on the people of North Korea. So there’s pressure being felt for certain and that’s likely part of the motivation here." 

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