Katy Tur Debates Sam Nunberg: ‘I’m Wondering if [Trump’s] Fit to Serve’

‘There are so many people out there that are questioning his fitness’

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NUNBERG: "In general, he is fit to serve. He is president of the United States. He was duly elected. I’m not here to debate -- I don't want to debate that." [crosstalk]
TUR: "I’m not debating whether or not he was duly elected."
NUNBERG: "I know, you're not, Katy. I just -- I'm not --"
TUR: "I’m wondering -- I'm wondering if he was -- it he's fit to serve. Because there are so many people out there that are -- that are questioning his fitness. They’re questioning the — if you look at the transcripts of the interviews he does, he can’t keep a thread."

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