Geraldo: ‘Bannon Stabbed Trump in the Back by Making’ the Suggestion that Don Jr.’s Meeting Was Treasonous

‘Bannon stabbed Trump in the back by making that suggestion’


GERALDO: "Donald Trump’s brain is Donald Trump’s brain. It’s not George H.W. Bush at all. It's not that same kind of situation. But I want to say something very specifically about Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon suggests that the meeting that Don Jr. and the others had with the Russians in Trump Tower summer of 2016 was a treasonous act. I submit that what Bannon did in saying that Don Jr. took those commies upstairs to meet his father, you can take that to the bank and you can bet on it, what Bannon did in suggesting that the President did meet with those Russians in Trump Tower was indeed and very specifically an act of treason. Bannon stabbed President Trump in the back by making that suggestion. There’s no investigative reporter whether for 'The Washington Post,' 'The New York Times,' you name the Trump-hating news organization, no one has in any way suggested that President Trump had anything to do with the Russians that Don Jr. in his naivete and in his inexperience convened the meeting in Trump Tower."

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