‘Ridiculous Bile’: CNN Shames Critics of Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’

‘The derangement that we see from some of the conservative media coverage of this is really fascinating’

COSTELLO: “This critical meeting comes at a time some American pundits are spewing ridiculous bile at America's Commander-in-Chief. I bring you what's being dubbed as the latte salute. I agree. This looks really bad. The president, as tradition requires, saluted two marines after Marine One landed in New York with a cup of coffee in his hands. That's bad. But what followed was just dumb. Sarah Palin apologized for the president via Facebook. I can accept that. The dumb I'm talking about, the worst, came courtesy of Red State. This is on Red State, ‘This salute by Obama may serve as a metaphor for his entire administration: sloppy, ill thought out, inappropriate, callous, selfish and disrespectful. Though, in his defense, he may have been running from that thing, that thing covered in a red bag that seems to be pursuing him down the stairs.’ Now if you notice in that picture, Michelle Obama was dressed in a red dress. So I assume ‘that thing’ they're talking about is the First Lady of the United States. So let's talk about this with CNN political commentator and Republican consultant Margaret Hoover; Brian Stelter too. He's CNN senior media correspondent and host of ‘Reliable Sources’. And Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator Paul Begala joins us too. Welcome to all of you. OK, so Brian, I want to start with you. This looked bad. And what's worse, the White House put it out.”

STELTER: “That's right. It was on their Instagram account. I'm sure low level aide wishes they hadn't done it. I know for a fact they wish they hadn't posted it. But the derangement that we see from some of the conservative media coverage of this is really fascinating to me. There was a clip from ‘Fox and Friends’ that I hope we can show of how they reacted this morning.”

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