Jonathan Swan: The Mercers Will Make the Final Call on Bannon at Breitbart

‘We will learn whether Steve Bannon can exist and survive on his own’


SWAN: "Well, as of last night, it was very uncertain. And the fact is, yes, there is a board at Breitbart, but if the Mercer family decides he needs to go, he will go. The Mercers will make the final call on Breitbart. And then we really get to test the premise of Steve Bannon’s self-conception, which is that in his own mind, he is a revolutionary figure and can stand on his own. He believes that he has the force of, you know, his own fame and celebrity and ideas. We will test that because, frankly, Bannon has had the benefit for the last number of years of a very powerful family, the Mercer family, a billionaire hedge fund family in New York, funding a lot of his political activities, funding Breitbart. He’s had the mutual benefit with Donald Trump, and really now he has been cast out on his own and he will have to sing for his supper. We will learn whether Steve Bannon can exist and survive on his own."

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