Tucker Blasts California: Normal People Are No Longer Welcome in California

‘Shouldn’t surprise anybody that they are fleeing’

CARLSON: "A lot of new laws taking effect in California this week. One of them prevents anyone from buying ammunition in the state, from doing so freely. Now you have to pass a government background check and pay a fee. If this goes for all ammo, ak-47 ammo as well as relatively harmless stuff like 20 gauge birdshot or 22 long rifle. All of it you’ve got a permit and a background check to buy it. He also can’t privately bring ammunition into the state anymore either. That is now a crime. For a day, dozens of stores were outright banned from selling any ammunition at all because California’s government was behind on granting permits, surprise surprise. While this may California safer? Of course not. Criminals ignore the law, they always do. The real and the only, indeed, intended fact will be to disarm the law-abiding population. Keep in mind, that same state has declared itself a legal sanction area for foreigners were breaking our most basic laws. So the nonthreatening activity of American citizens is criminalized and lawbreaking of foreigners is protected. The message? Normal people are no longer welcome in the state of California. Shouldn’t surprise anybody that they are fleeing."

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