NYT’s Ken Vogel: Left Wing Donors, David Brock Paid Lisa Bloom, Trump Accusers for Allegations Against Trump

‘Ultimately, those women with whom Lisa Bloom was working did not come forward and she refunded some, but not all of the money’

VOGEL: "We found, Sandra, that in the week before the election there had been a press conference that Lisa bloom scheduled at which she was promising that a woman would come forward in detail explosive allegations against Donald Trump. When that fell through she said that number of major democratic donors reached out to her and offered help, financial help we are talking about to see what they could do to bring this woman back to the table and get her to go public with her allegation. She did not come forward, Lisa bloom said she wouldn’t come forward but Lisa bloom told these donors that she had several other women with whom she was working who also had allegations against Donald Trump who might be convinced to come forward if there was funding provided. She said for their safety, possibly even a safe house, relocation services. Several of these donors did end up writing checks, at least $700,000 we found including $200,000 from a group associated with David Brock, $500,000 from Susie Tompkins, a major donor in San Francisco, cofounded the esprit clothing line, very close to Hillary Clinton. They provided this money. Ultimately those women with whom Lisa bloom was working did not come forward and she refunded some, but not all of the money."

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