Leslie Marshall: Running for Orrin Hatch’s Senate Seat Is a Step Down for Mitt Romney

‘I think that’s what will happen to Mitt Romney if he becomes a senator and takes Orrin Hatch’s seat’


SCOTT: "That’s the White House reacting to the news that Utah senator orrin hatch will retire at the end of his term. The announcement fueling speculation Mitt Romney might run for that seat. They noticed Romney changed his location yesterday from Massachusetts to Utah. Let’s bring in Leslie Marshall radio talk show host and Vince, editorial director for the daily caller. If you are a Utah resident on Twitter, Leslie, does that make you eligible to run from the state of Utah for the U.S. Senate?"
MARSHALL: "Funny. I was looking that up this morning before you asked and I think it does. Remember that Mitt Romney has residences here in California in the San Diego area, he has a residence in Massachusetts, I believe also New Hampshire as well as Utah. He would be eligible to run. I’m not sure that’s in his or the Republican Party’s best interest. I think actually Mitt Romney running against Donald Trump for president which he still could do if he runs for orrin hatch’s seat he could win would give him some momentum. I think that’s the bigger fish he wants to fry. In the Senate he could become weakened as we’ve seen many Republicans, Mcconnell, Ryan, graham and who fought against the president and going in lock step with the president and certainly with the party. I think that’s what will happen to Mitt Romney if he becomes a senator and takes Orrin Hatch’s seat."

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