Conway: ‘Our Position on North Korea Has Never Changed’; N. Korea Must Denuclearize the Peninsula

‘This president’s position and our position on North Korea has never changed’


CONWAY: "This president’s position and our position on North Korea has never changed. He continues to apply maximum pressure. North Korea must denuclearize the peninsula region. And we’re very happy there seems to be a more unified international effort in this regard in this regard and that pursuit, Bill. You see the United Nations resolution of December 22nd, very recently. You see the previous resolutions, unanimously in the support of the United States' position with respect to North Korea. This is key, because this president has made clear from the beginning and consistently throughout the first year of his presidency that a nuclearized North Korea is not just a danger and a threat to America and to any freedom and democracy-loving people, but to the entire world and the world is responding."

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