Amy Holmes: Doug Jones Opposes Dems’ Impeachment-Mania Because He ‘Knows Which Side of His Bread Is Buttered’

‘He is in Alabama, in a state that Donald Trump won by nearly 30 points’


HOLMES: "I remember Donald Trump part of his victory people voted for President Obama they felt the swamp wasn’t delivering for them. They wanted someone though ogo out there and drain the swamp. Rachel someone I think has been saying interesting things might be a bit of a prognosticator for some of these Democrats is newly elected Doug Jones from Alabama. The Democrat as you remember beat Roy Moore upon being elected he said we need to move on from 2016, accept the election results and he opposes this impeachment mania. Do you know why he says that Rachel? He is in Alabama in a state that Donald Trump won by nearly 30 points. He knows which side of his bread is buttered." 

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