Tomi Lahren: ‘Anytime You Poke Fun at Hillary Clinton, the Leftist Machine Is Going to Come After You’

‘Why are we apologizing to Hillary Clinton for anything?’


LAHREN: “And I gave them credit for that, actually a couple of days ago on 'Hannity.' I said, 'Hey, good for them.' They had humor. They were willing fun at Hillary Clinton. Of course, any time you poke fun at Hillary Clinton, the leftist machine is going to come after you. But why are we apologizing to Hillary Clinton for anything? I will apologize to Hillary Clinton when she apologizes for compromising national security and classified information, lying about Benghazi, taking money from countries who torture women and guys, rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders, and just making women overall look bad. That’s when I will apologize to Hillary Clinton. Until then, my goodness, 'Vanity Fair,' get a backbone.”

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