Sam Stein: If There Ever Is a Metaphor for the Trump Presidency, I Feel Like the Mooch Is It

‘If there ever is a metaphor for the Trump presidency’


STEIN: "John Kelly is he supposed literally to wake up with Donald Trump. I mean, how much control can one man have over one man? It just doesn't -- there’s limits, right?"
GEIST: "Right."
STEIN: "But I -- we would be remiss if we just, you know, moved so quickly."
GEIST: "You want to go back to Mooch?"
STEIN: "I want to go back the Mooch just because I remember vividly that first press conference. And actually, people were like this guy is kind of a genius at communications, and he’s like, answering questions and blowing kisses and people are like this is going to work."
GEIST: "And, yeah."
STEIN: "And of course --"
GEIST: "There's the kiss, right there."
STEIN: "-- and of course, like, within a couple of days it completely blew up. And if there ever is a metaphor for the Trump presidency, I feel like the Mooch is it, and I want him back."

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