Niger Innis: FBI Colluding with Clinton Campaign Worse than Watergate

‘I mean, talk about collusion and the fact that they did nothing to the Clinton campaign’

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INNIS: "Robert Mueller and ending that special counsel as opposed to bringing on a second special counsel, I lean heavily towards bringing on the second special counsel. Look, Mueller and the Democrats are not going to stop with this investigation. The person recently said, I forget who it was, they said, it is merely just the beginning of — or the end of the beginning. So I think what Mueller’s investigation is going to continue, it’s going to go long past 2018. I think you need a select and distinct special counsel that can examine the corruption within the FBI and examine how Hillary Clinton partisans, Democrat partisans, refuse to investigate her email and her emails being hacked by foreign entities. I mean, talk about collusion and the fact that they did nothing to the Clinton campaign and two Hillary Clinton herself except for, you know, smack her on the wrist. That needs to be investigated. As well, I think is the most egregious, what we have all been talking about, which is active cooperation, it seems, between a presidential campaign of one party, a sitting government in power, presidency and power, to wiretapped a presidential candidate. I mean, my God, I think that’s a little bit bigger than even breaking into a hotel room and Watergate."

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