Drucker: Trump’s Behavior Hurts Him and Is Driving the Opposition Towards Republicans Heading into 2018

‘Hillary Clinton is not going to be on the ballot and the Republicans will not be able to lean on that’


DRUCKER: "But the President looks at things a certain way and I think that by keeping his tweets and his grievances at the forefront, he feels as though he’s in control of the narrative and he gets a lot of positive feedback from his base. What hurts him, ultimately, is that this is the sort of behavior that is driving a lot of the negatives and it’s driving a lot of the opposition to Republicans heading into 2018 and the midterm elections. When you look beneath the numbers, it’s not just that his approval numbers are low, because it depends on how and where those are distributed, it’s about the kind of energy that it has stoked on the Democratic side in opposition to him. It’s the Republican-leaning suburbs that don’t like that sort of behavior that could vote against Republicans or just not show up in 2018. And that’s the real problem with this because it actually obscures some of the things that he’s accomplished that a lot of Republican voters, that’s why they voted for him over Hillary Clinton, even though a lot of them didn’t really like him. And so when we’re looking at the political significance of this, the message is, look, they kind of seem to bounce from here to there and they may cause him some problems in the special counsel investigation. They may cause him some problems on the Hill. But there’s another election coming up. Hillary Clinton is not going to be on the ballot and the Republicans will not be able to lean on that.”

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