Major Garrett: McConnell Is Most Responsible for Trump Agenda Accomplishments

‘Mister President, forget what Steve Bannon says, you can’t get anything without Mitch McConnell’


GARRETT: "I think it was very revealing in the last week of this year effectively in Washington that the person who had the year-end wrap up press conference was not Donald Trump, was not Speaker Paul Ryan, it was Mitch McConnell. And if you’re going to look at the person singularly most responsible for accomplishments on the domestic side for the Trump agenda, it’s not Donald Trump, it’s Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader who held with the exception of one issue—health care—Republicans together on every single aspect of what the President tried to accomplish. Tax cuts were passed because McConnell held his conference together. All of the twelve circuit judges, nominated and confirmed, a record for any first year of any American presidency because Mitch McConnell held his conference together. And he got forty-nine votes on health care, closer than anyone probably could have under those similar circumstances. So Mitch McConnell put the bow on this year and quite properly so. The President signs, but without McConnell who for the very first time this last week the President actually praised on Twitter because it has finally gotten through to him through many people inside and outside the White House, Mister President, forget what Steve Bannon says, you can’t get anything without Mitch McConnell."

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