MTP Panel: Dems ‘Still Have Serious Issues,’ They Haven’t Gotten ‘Any Fresh Leadership’

‘What they don’t have is sort of fresh new leadership’

ROBINSON: "Now it’s a long shot, longer shot for the Senate than for the house, perhaps, but, you could argue there are signs that potentially there’s a waiver watching, who knows, it could happen. It could happen. And so they feel better. What they don’t have is sort of fresh new leadership."
TODD: "Are we sort of in — is this — I feel like are we really wash, rinse, repeat, here Amy, Carol, meaning that we’re just reliving eight years ago, except this time, exchanges all the Democrats? You don’t need a message right now because you just run against the machine."
LEE: "I think the tax bill will be something they’ll cling on to and say, and try to make it more about policies in 2018 because they have that to run against which is a little separate from President Trump, but they still have serious issues. Not, the least of which is the fact that they have not gotten any fresh leadership."

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