RNC Chair: ‘We’re Going to Make Sure They Remember in November’ that No Dem Supported Tax Cuts

‘In fact, Joe Manchin went home and he saw a big banner that said we’ll remember in November’


McDANIEL: "It is historic day. Taps great Christmas present. And President Trump led the way. You know, I think about a year ago when he was coming to my state of Michigan and traveling this country, and recognizing that wages were stagnant, that people were suffering. And now today, he has said we are fighting for you. We are going to give the middle class a huge tax cut. We are going to make your paycheck bigger. We are going to increase jobs. We’re going to grow our economy. We’re going to fight for the American people. So, at the Republican Party we are going to keep hammering home the great accomplishments of this the ‘and senator Mcconnell and Speaker Ryan. And then we are going to remind them that the Democrats were nowhere to be found. In fact, Joe Manchin went home and he saw a big banner that said we’ll remember in November. Well, we’re going to make sure they remember in November that no Democrat supported middle class tax cuts in helping the American people."

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