‘Morning Joe’: ‘Embarrassing’ to See ‘Groveling,’ ‘Sniveling’ Pence Praise Trump

Scarborough: ‘Mike Pence, how do you go home to your family after doing that?’


DEUTSCH: "Joe, just as a guy, as a guy who grew up in Pensacola and was a quarterback and as a guy who got into a couple street fights, what was your visceral reaction as you watched those groveling —" 
BRZEZINSKI: "Sniveling — "
DEUTSCH:"  — whining little — you know the word I want to use." 
SCARBOROUGH: "Yeah, I know the word. I’ll tell you two things. First of all, if I am ever in a position where people are praising me like that, I think most of us say, 'Hey, shut up,' and try to cut it off, and crack a joke. You know? Because it’s embarrassing to have somebody who obviously is doing what Mike Pence was doing. I would be horrified to think — and Mika will tell you, I don’t let people sit around and compliment me, because it’s embarrassing, especially when it’s so obvious that it’s being done to assuage one’s ego. Secondly, for Mike Pence, how do you go home to your family after doing that? It’s not about Donald Trump." 

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