Jeff Flake: I Don’t Think Trump Will Fire Mueller

‘I don’t think he will fire Bob Mueller’

TAPPER: "We heard senator mark Warner draw a line about the president ordering the firing of special counsel Bob Mueller. Republican senator Jeff flake of Arizona joins he now to discuss this and much more. Senator, let me ask you, what would you do if President Trump had Mueller fired? Would it be grounds for impeachment in your view? What steps would you take?"
FLAKE: "Well, first, I don’t think he will fire Bob Mueller. He said the other day he wasn’t contemplating that. What I have been concerned about is the casual undermining of Bob Mueller and the FBI. So with the special counsel and the FBI. So I’m concerned about that as well. And not just a firing, you know, a firing would provoke certainly action here on Capitol Hill. I don’t want to say what that would be, but obviously that is something that we don’t want to see."

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