David Gergen Attacks Trump Foreign Policy Speech for Not Discussing Global Warming

‘How do we partner with the world and work with others to make a difference on climate’

GERGEN: "No question. He went after the Obama Administration and the George W. Bush Administration in a harsh way. I must say on one hand, I keep the president is entitled to crow about the economy. He inherited a good economy, it was a growing economy, but every President, Trump made that a feature of his speech today. But I thought the rest of the speech about foreign policy itself echos of the inaugural address. Seeing China in particular but also he named Russia as these rivals that we're competing against much we have to build up our defenses and do this and do that because they're coming at us, they have the discipline, we have to pull ourselves together. That's a far cry from the positive, how do we partner with the world and work with others to make a difference on climate. No mention of climate in any of this. It was consistent with what trump has been thinking and saying. But I think it's going to -- I don't think it's going to be well greeted in foreign capitals."

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