Fox News: Amtrak Train Derails onto Interstate 5 in Washington State

‘The Pierce County sheriff’s office now says injuries and even casualties are reported’


SCOTT: "This is Fox News coverage of an Amtrak train derailment. I’m Jon Scott in New York. This, on the 18th of December Amtrak was crowing about its new service to the Amtrak Cascades Tacoma Dome Station. Now there has been what looks like a terrible train derailment within a mile or so of the new station. You can see an Amtrak train left dangling over Interstate 5 right there along Puyallup River in Washington. We can’t tell for sure from this still photo how many cars actually came down on the highway and -- and whether any vehicles, any automobiles were underneath them. Amtrak has not said anything about the number of injuries resulting from this derailment. They did put out this statement: 'Amtrak is aware of an incident with Train 501 Cascade service from Seattle to Portland. Emergency services are on the scene and Amtrak management is responding. Some injuries are reported.'"

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