Kasich: GOP Could Have Done Better for the Middle Class in the Tax Bill

‘Do I think they could have done better for the working poor?’

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KASICH: "Yeah, I think — chuck, here’s what’s in that bill. And I know this has been characterized in many different ways that I don’t happen to agree with. Look, the corporate tax rate in our country was way too high, one of the highest in the world. We needed to bring that down so that companies are going to invest in America and not invest overseas. Secondly, they have a provision in there — I don’t know all the details of it — that if you made money overseas, you can bring your money back here. You’re going to be able to repatriate that money, which means that’s more money, hopefully, for investment. Small businesses are given a break, something I did in Ohio, which is why we’re up about 500,000 jobs here in the state since I’ve been governor. Look, do I think they could have done better for the middle class? I do. Do I think they could have done better for the working poor? I mean, Rubio tried to get something. He made some progress. But they could have, you know, increased the rates a little bit for big business. It wouldn’t have mattered a little bit, and given more relief out, so — "

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