Billy Crystal Swaps Dirty Robin Williams Stories with Jimmy Fallon

It was Crystal’s first major interview since the death of his close friend

Must-See Late Night Clip: Billy Crystal Swaps Dirty Robin Williams Stories with Fallon (Mediaite)

When Billy Crystal paid tribute to his friend Robin Williams at this year’s Emmy Awards, his speech was beautiful, but appropriately somber and somewhat sanitized. So when he appeared on theTonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, he took the opportunity to share some raunchier stories from his time spent with Williams.

Fallon began by remembering the time he rode on a bus to the Kennedy Center with Crystal, Williams,Martin Short, Rob Reiner, Jon Lovitz and Danny Devito. When a bomb-sniffing dog came on to check this bus, Williams joked, “Oh, I hope there’s no copies of my movies on this bus.”

In response, Crystal told a story about the time he, Williams and Whoopi Goldberg performed at an event for Michael Dukakis in 1988, when the presidential nominee made the mistake of mentioning Uranus.

After Dukakis warned Williams that “this isn’t HBO,” Williams leaned over to Crystal and whispered, “No way this motherf**ker wins.”

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