Nick Ackerman: Content of Anti-Trump Text Messages No Worse than What Tillerson Said

‘I don’t know what the big deal is about these emails’


ACKERMAN: "I wouldn’t necessarily impute bad motives to that, that it was done to bolster the case. The emails were going to be released anyway, they are being given to a congressional committee. The other point here is the content of those emails is no worse than what the secretary of state, Donald Trump’s own secretary of state, has said about him."
REID: "That’s true." 
ACKERMAN: "So I don’t know what the big deal is about these emails. I’ve worked with hundreds of FBI agents in ten years being a federal prosecutor. Never once did politics ever arise. I don’t even know who these people voted for. I just know that they are dedicated public official who is do their job. Looking at the evidence and going with the evidence wherever it leads."

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