Adrianne Shropshire: Black Voters Are Sending a Message that They Are Rejecting Trump

‘Black voters are rejecting, as you said, the politics of the day’


SHROPSHIRE: "I would say there are probably a couple of take-aways from the election. One is that black voters are sending a message. The message has two pieces. One is that a total rejection of the current political climate that includes Donald Trump, that also includes congressional Republicans in the way that they’re handling our government. And the second is that you know, black voters are rejecting as you said, the politics of the day. But they’re also asserting the type of political leadership that they want to see. The type of Progressive diverse political leadership that they want to see. And for us, what that has meant is being able to mobilize programs and mobilize this program in particular in Alabama where we talk to over 100,000 doors we knocked on, 500,000 doors, we talked to voters about issues specifically. Not just about candidates, we talked to them about what was at stake in the election."

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