Jeremy Bash: Trump’s Put American Foreign Policy Up as Collateral and Putin the Lender Has All the Leverage

‘The whole game for foreign leaders is trying to figure out how to play our president, how to make him feel important, how to make him feel bigger than he is’


BASH: "I think Putin played the President well yesterday. I think the biggest take away from that 'Post' piece was the fact that the President has been opposing sanctions and other measures to get tough on Russia. This isn’t merely his insecurity about the election because it’s gone far beyond the election and by the way, predated his election victory. It’s gone back, as you and Joe and Mika have been talking about since the beginning, since December of 2015 where the President has seemingly been beholden to Russia. It’s almost like the borrower and the indebtedness. The President of the United States has put American foreign policy of collateral, and the lender, Vladimir Putin, has all the leverage."

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